Contact Lenses

Gas Permeable Lenses (GP)

Oxygen permeable lenses or GP's are made from different plastics than soft lenses. They are smaller and fit the cornea differently. GP's generally provide sharper vision than soft lenses. These lenses are very healthy for the eye and are the best way in most cases to correct astigmatism. They are best worn on a regular basis and one pair of lenses may last one to three years which makes them very economical. They are not disposable but can be polished in our office regularly if build up or scratches occur. These lenses are used to fit irregular corneas and patents with keratoconus. They can also be used on patients who have had corneal surgery.

Scleral lenses are an advanced type of gas permeable lens for patients who may have irregular corneas or a history of corneal disease. These lenses are larger than conventional gas perms and rest on the sclera or white portion of the eye just beyond the iris. They are very comfortable as they do not move much and provide excellent vision.