About Our Office

Summit Vision Care Office


Dr. Kennedy and the team at Summit Vision Care have a combined 120 years’ experience in the eye care field. Rest assured that whether you are having a vision exam, selecting eyewear or dealing with insurance billing we have you covered.

Certified Optician

Know who is fitting your glasses. Not all opticians are the same. Colorado is a state in which opticians are not required to be certified. We feel you should have someone with the expertise to make sure that your eyewear not only looks great but is the safest and best eyewear for your needs. This is why we have an ABO certified optician on staff to ensure you get the best pair of glasses possible.


There is a difference in eye care and we strive to give each patient the individual care and time to answer all questions and concerns. In today’s market of discount and rushed service we feel quality customer service can and should be the standard when it comes to your vision. The sense people most treasure is their eyesight. We feel it is our job to help you protect your vision throughout your lifetime.